If You are a Victim of Theft, Know Your Rights

Faussette & Faussette May 29, 2017

hooded person stealing phone out of womans purseFREQUENCY OF THEFT CASES IN ARIZONA

Every year, thousands of people will fall victim to crimes involving theft or robbery. In many instances, the victim will not pursue the case because he or she believes it is a waste of time and energy. Or maybe someone was falsely accused of a crime and has routinely attempted to clear his or her name to no avail. If you were involved in a theft related crime, our attorneys at Faussette and Faussette can help you through the process and represent your best interest.

In the Phoenix, Arizona area, we are one of the premiere law firms that specializes in cases involving thefts and robberies. For the past few years, statistics have shown that the number of unreported thefts has remained fairly high. In our experience, this is largely due to the fact that victims do not always believe that pursuing the case will lead to positive outcomes. Therefore, the individual will just endure the financial loss and suffer silently which is highly unjust.


However, many victims realize that they may need representation in order to achieve a positive outcome. Many who have been represented by our firm have received the compensation that they deserve because they took the appropriate steps. If you fall victim to a crime, your first step should be to document everything and create your own timeline. Here are some questions to consider directly after the crime has occurred.

  • What items were stolen?

  • When do you believe the crime began?

  • Do you have any proof?

  • Did you fill out a police report?

Your next step should be to find a qualified attorney that you can trust. We always encourage the victim to visit our law office for a free consultation. During this time, we will discuss the merits of the case with our client and figure out a proper course of action. We are always honest with our clients and let them know the potential outcomes that could occur and how long the process will be. From the beginning to the end, we always represent and protect the rights of our clients.

So, what happens if an individual is accused of a robbery crime but is innocent? Or perhaps the person was accused of possession of stolen property or identity theft. You always have the right to be represented by an attorney. We can represent any individual and help him or her through the court and settlement process.

Again, during the consultation period, we will discuss the case and figure out how to proceed next. In certain cases, we will work with the other party to formulate a settlement agreement. In some cases, we will also represent the victim during the court proceedings. If you are a victim or accused of a crime, you should always visit an attorney for a free consultation.

If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area and have fallen victim or are accused of a crime, know that you have many options available. During the consultation session, a lawyer will outline your case and decide how to proceed. Whether you go to court or settle, we will represent you to the best of our abilities.

If you are ever in need of legal consultation or defense do not hesitate to reach out to Phoenix top lawyers at Faussette and Faussette. Call 844.LAW.TWIN (529.8946) any time for no charge consultation to have your legal needs handled.