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As part of their development, pre-teens and teenagers tend to challenge the world around them. Sometimes that results in rebellion, which is understandable – until it’s a rebellious act that breaks the law. Juvenile crimes should be taken seriously. In 2020, 16,438 juveniles were referred to the courts and formally entered the court system in Arizona. 

Thoughtful and thorough legal representation is needed if your child is facing juvenile charges. Our team at Faussette & Faussette PLLC will listen to your child’s whole story and explain the potential consequences and options. We will develop a strong legal strategy for the juvenile’s specific situation, as we have for many clients throughout the greater Phoenix area.

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Juvenile Laws and Crimes in Arizona

In Arizona, the specific laws written for people under 18 years of age constitute juvenile laws. There are juvenile laws governing:

  • Alcohol
  • Curfew
  • Cigarettes
  • Drugs
  • Hitchhiking
  • Incorrigibility
  • Language in school
  • Running away
  • Truancy
  • Weapons

Additionally, juveniles can be held responsible for shoplifting, assault, threatening or intimidating, theft, or being an accomplice to a crime.

The Juvenile Justice Process

If a juvenile is arrested, they have certain rights in the situation, just as an adult does. Those include the right to remain silent, to be represented by a lawyer, and to have a hearing of their case within twenty-four hours of the arrest. 

If a juvenile was charged with a first or second offense misdemeanor, including shoplifting, possession of alcohol or marijuana, disorderly conduct, or fighting, then he or she may be referred to teen court to be sentenced by a jury of his or her peers.

When a Juvenile Can Be Tried as an Adult

Some juvenile crimes are so serious that they require the youth to be tried as an adult. If a juvenile who is fourteen or older commits a felony offense, he or she will be served with a written notice about the consequences of committing another felony. If that juvenile does commit another felony, the consequences could include incarceration, Juvenile Intensive Probation, or prosecution in adult court.

Additionally, there are other circumstances when a juvenile will be automatically transferred to adult court. This would happen if the juvenile is:

  • Age 15 or older and a chronic felony offender
  • Age 15 or older and charged with violent crimes 
  • Age 14 or older and charged with certain serious offenses, or a chronic felony offender (if the county attorney decides to prosecute the juvenile at that level)
  • Is requested to be transferred from the juvenile court by the county attorney, and the judge agrees that transferring the juvenile to adult court for criminal prosecution would be best for public safety

Possible Penalties

Depending on the crime committed, there are a variety of possible penalties for juveniles. These include:

  • Paying a fine or restitution
  • Writing an essay or completing another punishment
  • Attending an educational class
  • Completing community service hours

The judge could also put the juvenile on probation, where a probation officer would check up on the juvenile every month for a year or even longer. The judge also has the option of ordering the juvenile to be on house arrest for six months, followed by six months of standard probation. In some cases, a judge will send the juvenile to a residential treatment center. 

The worst punishment for juveniles is that the court can order them to be committed to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections until he or she turns 18.

Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona

Pre-teens and teenagers sometimes make rash decisions without thinking about the consequences. When those decisions result in a crime, you need to be prepared for what comes next. Our team at Faussette & Faussette PLLC will stand by your side throughout the process and work our hardest to make sure that a single action doesn’t completely change the course of your child’s life. 

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