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Navigating parenthood in any capacity is difficult. Add in the stressors of co-parenting and child support arrangements after a divorce—and you have a completely different story. Providing structure and support for the child is always of utmost importance and there are times when those arrangements or agreements need to be legally set in stone.  

Sometimes, child support modifications also need to take place. Searching for an empathetic child support lawyer should not be an additional daunting task. Proudly serving in Phoenix, Arizona, Faussette & Faussette PLLC takes family seriously. We will be by your side every step of the way throughout this process.

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How Is Child Support Calculated?  

Child support arrangements are based on several factors. According to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines, “the total child support amount approximates the amount that would have been spent on the children if the parents and children were living together. Each parent contributes his or her proportionate share of the total child support amount.”  

As an example, say the custodial parent makes $1,500 per month and the non-custodial parent makes $3,200 per month. The non-custodial parent makes 68.1% of the total combined income if parents lived together. If the court’s estimated cost of raising the child is $1,300 a month, the non-custodial parent would owe $885.30 (68.1% of $1,300) in child support each month.  

While this would be an easy calculation for parents in which one has 100% custody, there are many other factors that contribute to the court's formula for determining the full child support amount.  

  • Child care costs are treated as a “permissive deduction” and may be in addition to the basic child support or a deduction to the total amount paid for child support depending on which parent is responsible for the childcare costs.   

  • Extraordinary medical costs such as illness and hospital visits are separate and in addition to the basic child support payments. 

  • College education expenses are not mandated in the state of Arizona, but may be agreed upon by both parents and are contractually enforceable.  

  • Self-supportive reserve test ensures low-income parents can still meet their own basic needs while contributing to child support. 

  • Imputed income, such as medical insurance benefits provided by employers, impacts the total income calculated into the child support and may be deducted or added to the total amount, depending on which parent maintains insurance coverage.  

Modifying an Existing Child Support Arrangement

Modifying an existing agreement may be more difficult than establishing an original agreement due to the need to prove a modification is necessary. Faussette & Faussette PLLC can assist in proving that there is clear and convincing evidence of significant changes such as: 

  • changes in the child’s needs 

  • changes in income 

  • change in cost-of-living  

  • changes in parenting time between custodial and non-custodial parent 

  • changes in family dynamic (remarriage or cohabitation) 

Modifications can only be made if there is a significant, non-temporary change of greater than 10% in child support needs. The change would also have to be something that was not anticipated during the creation of the original agreement. Our family law attorneys will assist you in requesting an agency review of the arrangement or filing a motion in court for modifications to be made.  

Termination of Child Support

Termination of child support occurs when the child reaches the age of maturity at 18 years old. If the child is still in high school, it ends the last month of school or when the child turns 19, whichever comes first.  

Additional support may be agreed upon by the parents if they choose to continue beyond the age of majority in which there will be a termination date that is contractually established within the original arrangement. Additionally, courts may also order postmajority support for children with mental or physical disabilities. 

Child Support Attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona

Going through the difficult time of navigating child support arrangements while also co-parenting does not need to be done alone. Faussette & Faussette will provide you with the best family law attorney that prioritizes assisting you in creating the most beneficial arrangement for your child. While these arrangements may need modifications and legal action, we will provide an aggressive approach to assist you in providing the best support for your child as we believe in putting family first. If you live in or near the greater Phoenix area, contact us today to help you fight for your child’s needs.